Maintenance Points of Concrete Batching Plants

  In operation of a concrete batching and mixing plant the operator needs to understand each link and process of the mixing station. Only in this way can he be able to tackle emergencies and avoid mishandling errors. The maintenance points are as below.

  Transmission System

  Each transmission gear, reduction gear box, chain, etc. shall be filled with lubricating oil (fat) as required;

  The sound of the transmission part should be normal, the gearbox and bearing should not be hot or leaking oil;

  The triangular belt should be suitable for elastic (10-15mm in the middle), and the central part of the transmission chain should not sink for more than 20mm;

  The wire rope should have no large wear, the chuck and the connection should be firm with greasy surface;

  Brakes and clutches perform well and should be replaced when the brake pads are worn to a certain extent.

concrete batching and mixing plant

  Mixing System

  The mixing drum should run smoothly, the lining plate and the blade should not be loose, and they should be replaced in time in case of damages;

  When the lining plate, blade, scraper, mixing arm, etc. are worn to a certain extent or cannot be adjusted, they should be replaced in time;

  Timely or regular cleaning of the concrete in the mixer is necessary. When the concrete on the inner wall of the mixer becomes thicker and thicker, not only the volume of the mixer is reduced, but also the speed of the concrete is accelerated.

  The sanding material feeding port will cause obstacles to the door switch of the feeding port due to the bonding of the materials. The cement feeding port will become smaller and smaller due to the bonding of water and gas, which makes the feeding difficult, so it is necessary to clean it regularly;

  The dosing line of the admixture may slow down the feed rate or cause blockage due to sedimentation and solidification, and it should be cleaned regularly.

  Storage System

  The storage system of a stationary concrete batching plant is a structure for storing materials. Most of the materials are stored in the same way. Some of the raw materials can be stacked in the open air, but this is only a small number. The material storage system of the concrete mixing station is mainly composed of three parts: sand material storage, liquid storage and storage of cement. The equipment pool needs to be properly anti-seepage treatment technology. In the winter, the corresponding landlord measures should be taken to avoid the operation that cannot be done because of freezing. Cement storage should use steel structures or brick-concrete structures to prevent the cement from getting wet.

  It should be specially pointed out that the dust prevention of a concrete batching and mixing plant is particularly important. The accumulation of dust brings great inconvenience to the maintenance and repair of the mixing station, which reduces the performance of all equipment, shortens the service life and damages the lubrication. The dust collector must be regularly cleaned and maintained.