Why are concrete agitators painted

There are kinds of concrete agitators in the market: self-falling mixers, twin shaft mixers (represented by js750 concrete mixer) and trailered concrete mixers. No matter what type of mixer it is, a mixer is usually painted with colors like blue, red, yellow and green. Why are concrete agitators painted?

concrete agitaor js750 mixer

First, a painted concrete mixer looks more attractive. Although customers usually pay more attention to quality than outlook of a concrete agitator, they will be more glad to take a quality mixer with a beautiful outlook. In addition, people tend to believe that a gorgeous appearance matches a noble soul, and would a person who spends little time making up himself take a job seriously? Thus good outlook of a mixer helps to attract more customers. Second, it’s environmental. After a js750 concrete mixer is sprayed, the loss of the concrete mixer is greatly reduced, the use time extended, the pungent smell of steel eliminated, and the waste of steel materials reduced. Third, the most important function of coated paints on concrete mixer trailer machines is to resisting corrosion and rust. Concrete agitators are made of steel. Users know that steel is easy to rust after being exposed to the air for a long time, and it is easy to be corroded. If it is corroded or rusted, even timely treatment will have a certain impact on the concrete mixer. And dealing with these is also very troublesome. Spraying a layer of paint on the concrete mixer just solves the above problem. The paint separates the steel from the air and is a good protective layer, making the machine less prone to rust or corrosion.

Reprinted from http://www.haomei-machine.com/news/companynews/why-are-concrete-agitators-painted.html