What’s a concrete mixer and pump

  A concrete mixer and pump is a new type of fully automatic concrete construction machine that integrates feeding, mixing and conveying, and can be towed and moved. Drum mixers or forced twin-shaft mixers with high mixing speed and good concrete mixing quality can be used. The concrete mixer pump is very suitable for the concrete construction of the rural and urban-rural junctions, and has the following characteristics.

  1. The concrete mixer and pump is matched with forklift feeding to realize 100% mechanization of feeding, mixing and pumping. The construction efficiency is 4-6 times that of fixed mixers and concrete pumps, which greatly saves labor and construction costs, and reduces Labor intensity; the construction process is simplified, the construction is efficient, and the project progress is accelerated.

  2. The concrete mixer pump is equipped with the top domestic equipment, and the key parts adopt imported international first-line well-known brand high wear-resistant parts. Compared with ordinary pump trucks, the service life of wearing parts is increased by more than 30%. It can ensure uninterrupted construction for 24 hours and can adapt to overtime work Progress, the service life of the equipment is more than 10 years, and the service life of the concrete delivery cylinder is more than 150,000 square meters.

  3. The concrete mixer and pump uses a high-end twin-shaft mixing system, which has superior balance, faster speed, more uniform mixing of concrete, and the quality is significantly better than ordinary pumps, which can reach the standard of commercial concrete.

  4. The conveying pressure is high, which can meet the long-distance conveying of 100 meters high-rise buildings and 300 meters.

  Concrete trailer mixer pumps are of great use in every corner of the countryside, large and small. With the improvement of rural economic living standards, the quality requirements for housing construction have also increased, requiring a large amount of high-quality concrete. A large number of rural water conservancy, highways, bridges, etc. have been built, which makes the use of mixing trailer pumps indispensable.