Cement Mixer Model Selection and Operation Methods

cement mixer is a highly efficient machine producing dry hard concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete and mortar. It has so many models. There are portable cement mixers with movable tires and strong compulsive ones like a js750 concrete mixer. Here we will introduce you how to choose the right cement mixer and the precautions for the use of a concrete mixer.

How to choose a cement mixer?

1. Be clear about your own requirements for concrete to be produced. If you need efficient mixers of high yields, you should focus on JS series of cement mixers, and then choose the model that suits your production volume.

2. Choose a type and model based on the area of your construction site, the production scale, and annual output you need.

3. At least three factors should be taken into account: advanced degree, stability and generality of a mixer.

4. Forced cement mixers have good mixing quality, strong ability, no residue and high production efficiency. They adapt to production of a variety of concrete types,and most of the construction sites currently use this type of mixers.

5. Quality and price are equally important.

6. Do not blindly pursue the advanced technology of the mixer, which will increase the investment. A more reasonable way is to choose suitable and practical model.

cement mixer js750 concrete mixer

Cement mixer operation precautions:

1. Unplug the two pins at the large roller of the upper hopper.

2. Check if there are alien materials in the mixing tank.

3 Check if the electrical grounding is good.

4 When the power is turned on, you should first click the stirring button to check whether the phase sequence of the power supply is reversed. No other mechanisms should be started before this.

5 The hopper must not be lifted before the jog test is carried out.

6 Check whether the water supply of the pump, the agitation and the operation of the lifting mechanism are normal, and whether the overall operation is stable.

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