Concrete Mixing Plant Design Features

As a professional concrete mixing plant manufacturer, Haomei supplies concrete plants and mixers of various models. We have established our export department ten years ago and provide integrated service for our oversea clients. Our concrete mixing plant design features are as follows.

1. Excellent mixing performance

Our plants are equipped with forced concrete mixers with twin horizontal shafts, which has strong stirring property, uniform and rapid mixing, and high productivity. Good agitation can be achieved for dry hard, plastic and various proportions of concrete.

concrete mixing plant

2. Accurate measurement

Developed with advanced technology and latest components such as mixers, screw conveyors, pneumatic parts, measuring sensors and electrical devices, our concrete mixing plants have high reliability, accurate metering performance, excellent mixing result and extraordinarily long service life.

3. Environmentally friendly design

During the operation of our concrete mixing plants, the powder handling is carried out in a full blockade system. The powder tank is equipped with a high-efficiency dust collector, which is combined with other methods to greatly reduce the dust pollution to the environment. Besides, noise reduction devices are applied to the pneumatic exhaust and unloading equipment. In this way noise pollution is effectively controlled.