How to Extend Service Life of Concrete Mixing Plant Silos

Cement silos serves as an indispensable part for concrete mixing plants, and it would save maintenance cost if the service life of silos can be extended efficiently. A cement silo is of cylindrical structure. Its steel body is supported by four column legs. Dust reducers and pressure valves are located at the top. To install the silo, a crane is used to lift it onto a concrete base which would be welded together with the silo. Therefore, the silo is stably fixed during operation. The discharging of cement is via the outlet.

concrete mixing plant, concrete batching plant

A crucial way to extend the service life of concrete batching plant silos is to keep their outlet unobstructed. This involves the dryness of cement inside the silo. If the cement is not dry enough, it would caking and hinder the discharge process. Besides, the sealing effect of silos should be checked regularly. Measures must be taken immediately in case of unusual problems like gas leakage. The other way to extend a silo’s service life is to keep it dry all the time. It should be dried after each cleaning. Before feeding the silo with a new batch of cement, the old cement should be discharged completely. In case of bulging phenomenon, the bulge breaking device should be started until the bulging part is eliminated.

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